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> Automate Pen Testing and security tasks
> Design and program your own security lab
> Send /Receive money anonymously
> Defect IP security using (VPN, VPS, HTTPS proxy)
> Covert channel on Phone for secure browsing
> Design Bulletproof C&C environment
> Design Advanced Malware, Trojans and Backdoor's
> Writing Boot kit, Root kit & Bios Level Root kits
> Advanced persistent threat (APT) & SSL based Malwares
> Avoiding Malware Detections-100% FUD (Scan time & Behavior)
> Design Debuggers & Dll & code injection
> Reverse Engineering
> Learn Application & Website attacks (Sql, Xss)
> Learn how hackers target and hack your site
> How to prevent web application attacks
> Fuzzing -art of exploitation
> Metasploit for Exploit development
> Learn Shell coding
(Incorporating Custom Shell code Into The Metasploit)

> Learn Exploitation mitigations
> Sniff secure traffic out of an encrypted web browser session
> Use PyDBG, Immunity Debugger,Sulley, IDAPython, PyEMU, and more
> Writing Custom Encoders with no null Bytes
> Learn Network Hacking
                DNS Hacking (Beginner to Advance)
                DDOS on Email, IP, phone, SMS
                VoIP Penetration Testing & VoIP Hacking
                How to design Secure Tele communication (SIP, Device, mobile)
                Wifi Hacking & create fake access point's  
> Remote Attacks ( file based attacks, URL based attacks, Local attacks)
> Prevention for current Digital attacks


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  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1475092415
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475092417
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 0.7 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Pages: 280
Whats Included:
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  • New Powerful Content
  • DVD with Latest Tools + Source code
  • Security tools and user experience
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  • Virtual lab to test and design exploits, malwares, shell codes, etc

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• Increase Real Hacking & Security Knowledge.
• Be a Real Professional Hacker.
• Improve Network and System Security.
 Decrease remote attacks on Your systems.
• Protect your email passwords and website security.
 Improve your Job & Business position.
Easily pass CEH, CHFI, CISSP, CISA certifications.
Computer Students & Anyone who have basic knowledge
• Security Engineers & Tech Support
• System Administrators & Network Administrators
• IT Auditors,Security Researchers, Analysts
• Regulators, Bankers & Insurance Professionals
• Risk Managers, IT Security and Control Professionals
• Sr. Network & System Administrators




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Good book for computer expert , hackers and security people .

"The secret of hacking is a fascinating hacker book that reveals the ease of penetrating even the most secure computer system."
- Info security News

Vast Knowledge 
Great book, I have several books related to hacking and security, however this one which is primarily aimed at 'the secret of hacking'
provides a better introduction to real hacking! , I would suggest this to anyone looking to get serious about their hacking knowledge.

Brian Hatch (USA)

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